Sunday, February 27, 2022

Week 2: #100daysoftags

Week 2, #100daysproject

Yesterday ended Week 2 of #100dayschallenge and my #100daysoftags. I decided I would use some of the exploratory concepts being presented in Wanderlust 2022 for my tags. The first two tags were inspired by Jeanne Oliver's lesson using charcoal and gesso. The ideas were not new to me, but it had been so long ago that I had played with them that I found a kind of childlike wonder all over again. The first was a botanical drawing using chunky Derwent charcoal, activated with water, followed by adding highlights with white gesso. The second tag was a reminder that there is simple beauty in using staples not only to adhere layers to a tag, but also as a form of mark-making. Both were very satisfying activities. 

Day 10 involved collage using torn scraps (yes, this is the hoarder's heaven) from magazines, water-stained handwritten recipes, teabags, and other ephemera, which I entitled "beneath the golden sky." Days 11 and 12 were more collage. on Day 13 I decided to play with acrylic paints. And I ended the week with a round tag where I played with Conte crayons (new product for me.) While they felt and acted like pastels, a quick Google search revealed they are somewhat waxier than pastels and therefore less "dusty" and somewhat more controllable. 

What materials have you been playing with this past week? I'd love if you respond in the comments below. Can't wait to see what this week will bring.

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