Saturday, February 19, 2022



I have been toying with the idea of joining the #100dayschallenge, and last Saturday I decided what I would like to do for those 100 days. I wanted to keep my idea rather generic so that I didn't get stumped on something either too difficult to complete or so specific that I might run out of ideas, so I decided upon #100daysoftags. I could pick the size, shape, and color: check. In addition, tags are generally small enough so that I could keep my daily creativity within the 5-10 minute range, especially good for the three days each week that I spend with my granddaughter (almost 13 months and busy, busy, busy!). Mostly each day represents some aspect of either my day or my mood. I don't expect each one to be a masterpiece, but just being able to touch and work with my art supplies every single day is bliss enough for me. Also, I am relearning what I like to do and what I won't bother with again. My favorite medium? Why, acrylics, of course; though second best is collage. You will likely see a lot more of both. It's never too late for you to join: no one said you had to follow the start date in order to participate...your 100 days could even take all year if it had to! I plan to see you regularly with my weekly posting.

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