Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Love


Happy Day of Love! Even if you don't have that "significant other" to spend your day with, please know that loving yourself...and loving yourself probably even more nourishing than loving another. This piece was created a few years ago, based upon Laly Mille's "Wholehearted" lesson. I totally love this lesson because it begins with an underlayer of self-love affirmations written on scraps of paper that are glued to the canvas. Important stuff, that underlayer. Laly only incorporates one collaged heart, but as I worked through a series of these paintings, I began incorporating at least two, and sometimes one with other figures. The juiciest part: writing over the background with a poetic snippet, your own words, lyrics to a song, whatever speaks loudest to you. This one is from a poem and perfectly expresses the self-love required in a case of unrequited love: "I confess, I loved you more than I let on, but you weren't ready for it and I wasn't going to pour myself into hands that couldn't hold me." I'm not really sure who penned these words, but thank you for letting us know it is okay to take care of our hearts. That being said, I love you all.

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