Saturday, December 30, 2017

Twice Today

Yes, I know; it's either feast or famine. Today you have a feast.  I just couldn't wait to post my newest face (Facing Forward, Volume 1, Effy Wild). Drum roll, please:

I must be learning something because I was able to sketch this face fairly quickly with a graphite pencil. I am also getting the knack of substituting supplies I have on hand for the ones used in the lesson. So instead of all the lovely Golden fluid acrylic quinacridones, I used alizarin crimson, some glittery gold craft paint, and other standard acrylics and craft paints. Overall, I am happy with just about everything. I am really most excited because I can see so much improvement in the faces I create now over those I began creating. Yay, me! I wish my Gelly Roll pen was more visible for the quote in the moon, but what the heck. My text reads: "When I am open to the Holy Spirit, I am moving with God."

I wish you a year of moving with God.  Happy 2018!

Arting up a Storm!

Thank you, Effy Wild for your invitation to participate in Art Bundles for Good! My brother-in-love was kind enough to purchase this form me as my Christmas gift and I have been arting up a storm.  Here's a journal spread (part of Book of Days Bootcamp) that was a supplement to Mixed Tapes 1 & 2, which, BTW, I haven't even gotten to yet since I am still working in Bootcamp. 

The Need for Connection
I got to play with lots of layers in this piece, using a new set of stencils and even cardboard stencils I created myself a while back. I am a tad disappointed that you can't see the green dots between the figures very well. I have subsequently used a darer shade of green Sakura pen so that the intention of connection between the two is much more evident.

This MDS (multiple day spread) was done all in one sitting, so the tags represent different areas where connection is imperative for me. I affixed the tags with staples. Loving the simplicity of that instead of more medium. I ran out to buy an inexpensive handheld sewing machine after completing the piece so that I can play with other means of attaching tags and other ephemera. (I hope I am more proficient with it than I was with the giant sewing machines in high school home economics class!)

Hope you are having as much fun as I am this Holiday season and that you ring in the New Year safely.  Much love to all who visit.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finally! Time to Make Art!

It has been a wild ride this month.  Parents in and out of the hospital, hubby finally caving from being caretaker since June. Ready to experience winter break and to get some time to create. Well, I took time today.  Another lesson from Effy Wild and Facing Forward 1, where I started with a magazine photo, changed which part the light hits, worked the lesson colors in reverse. Nothing like making it my own. I worked with Stabilo All pencil in blue, tortillion to blend, and acrylics, both fluid and regular. Lettering was press apply.

Week 4: #100daysoftags

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