Saturday, December 30, 2017

Twice Today

Yes, I know; it's either feast or famine. Today you have a feast.  I just couldn't wait to post my newest face (Facing Forward, Volume 1, Effy Wild). Drum roll, please:

I must be learning something because I was able to sketch this face fairly quickly with a graphite pencil. I am also getting the knack of substituting supplies I have on hand for the ones used in the lesson. So instead of all the lovely Golden fluid acrylic quinacridones, I used alizarin crimson, some glittery gold craft paint, and other standard acrylics and craft paints. Overall, I am happy with just about everything. I am really most excited because I can see so much improvement in the faces I create now over those I began creating. Yay, me! I wish my Gelly Roll pen was more visible for the quote in the moon, but what the heck. My text reads: "When I am open to the Holy Spirit, I am moving with God."

I wish you a year of moving with God.  Happy 2018!

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