Saturday, January 27, 2018


Sheesh, have I been so busy making art that I have forgotten to post? Unbelievable!  The year started out with a bang with Wanderlust 2018 and Art Bundles for Good. 

Needless to say, the first thing I chose from Art Bundles was Mixed Tape 1 & 2 from Effy Wild.  Her request was to start with Bootcamp, so, naturally, I did. I am now getting fairly adept at quickly putting together a handmade journal, where I began experimenting with my products (all part of Effy's lessons). To take a break I peaked in on a lesson called "Tea with the Muse" from Shiloh Sophia and created the interesting piece below (acrylics with gel pens and waterproof brushes).

Wanderlust 2018 has had me on a journey with the theme "Paths and Roads". My 3 creations are below (The Path to Love, Mandala Bloom, and Lifeline).

I have been pretty much stuck in the midst of the lesson from Michelle Turbide; I need to force myself to just jump back into the lesson and allow the work to take me where it will. Funny how I can just get mired down in "how it looks" even though it isn't finished. Calling on all my resources to muzzle my inner critic and allow myself the freedom to make a mess and see what transpires.Wish me luck!

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