Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fractured Portrait

So, yeah, I can't seem to control myself. I also signed up for Dirty Footprint Studio's 21 Secrets: Tools & Techniques. (As if I don't have enough art inspiration in my life already!) This is an older class, but I previously participated in Color, Color, Color and had a wonderful time, so I figured what the heck. I immediately jumped into Galia Alena's lesson "Fractured Portraits" and decided I would like to give this a try. After some doodling that I didn't like, I decided to paint over one of the photos. This provided an interesting contrast to to the whole pieced photo idea and I really like how it took my piece beyond the lesson provided.

Materials used: printed photos, Stabilo all pencil (water-activated), acrylic craft paints, Pitt pens, Posca pen.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Raven King

My brother-in-law was kind enough to purchase the #ArtBundlesforGood package as my Christmas gift. I immediately jumped into Effy Wild's Mixed Tape 1, where I did a lot of Bootcamp work. I have finally finished that section and have found some time to jump into the Mixed Tape Lessons. I love how Effy paints to music, but she doesn't encumber her students by requiring they do the same. Basically, we are instructed to use whatever inspiration we have, be it music or novels or scenery. I found inspiration for Lesson 1 in a young adult novel entitled "An Enchantment of Ravens," a scrumptious tale about humans interacting with the fairy world. My inspiration was the Prince of Autumn. The heroine barters protection from unseen dangers for the portrait she paints of him. While my rendering is not 100% accurate, again, it was my inspiration for this spread. 

The writing reads: "1 raven for  uncertain peril."

Stencils, fluid acrylics, acrylics, and white gel pen.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Layered Watercolors

Three Sisters

Okay, you're probably thinking I haven't been making any art, which is not true, though I must say I have had less time lately than earlier this year. Lots of stuff going on with family, including my own bout with the flu/bronchitis that lasted waaaaaay tooooo loooong, but I am up and moving again.  

Just wanted to share a new technique I was using this week of layered watercolors, presented by Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk as last Friday's lesson for #Wanderlust 2018. Amazing way to play. I was able to use so many different media: watercolors, stamps, colored pencils, washi tape, paint pens, ballpoint pen, and china marker resist. This is the busiest any of my pieces has ever been and I really enjoyed the process. Hope you enjoy the results as well. 

One thing to correct/do differently: more definition on the facial expressions.

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