Sunday, March 6, 2022

Week 3: #100daysoftags

Here we are into week 3 of the 100 Days Project and my #100days of tags, and I have been having a blast. So much so, that I wish I had selected a larger substrate for creating, but then that might have jeopardized my completion rate. As it is, yes, I am sometimes cheating by catching up a day or two. Life is just busy! 

So, as you can see, I have been doing a little experimenting. On Day 15, I played with splatters, molding paste and gelattos. On Day 16, I had a visual of God mending my broken heart. I wanted to actually sew it together, hence the black Posca pen mimicking the stitches, but I really like the staples! Day 17, I decorated a simple flower motif with some glittery glue. Day 18 is my multi-colored abstract. On Day 19, I searched for a different kind of tag out of my stash bag, a clothing tag, and thought a lot about Matisse as I lovingly applied saffron acrylic to that long, thin tag. After it dried, I painted dots in Indigo, covered them with black Posca and decorated with yellow Posca. Still thinking about Matisse (and reflecting on a study of Matisse taught by Jeanne Oliver), I created the red and white flowers on a black gesso background on Day 20. And finally, on Day 21, a bit of ombre background behind the stencils, with red acrylic for a pop of color and a message to "imagine what the future holds." 

Are you creating regularly? I encourage you to play as often as you are able. You might just find you enjoy it.


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